Traeger Pro 22 Review

Traeger Pro 22 Review

Pellet grills are becoming increasingly common in households, they are easier to use, and nowadays, even veterans of grilling are leaning towards these grills. A pellet grill does the work much faster. It minimizes the amount of pollution that happens with a charcoal grill and comes with many new features that can be used to incorporate the perfect flavors into the food. As we all know, Traeger is one of the leading brands that make pellet grills and is a major player in manufacturing such beautiful grills. The Traeger Pro 22 pellet grill is considered one of the best wood pellet grills that come with many features and keeps up the company’s good reputation. Here is the Traeger Pro 22 review for you to help you understand the specifications so you can get this new grill and get started on grilling like a pro!

Traeger Pro 22 Review

Traeger Pro 22 Pellet Grill

The Traeger Pro 22 comes with 49″×41″×27″ dimensions, which includes the chimney and the hopper. It weighs 100 pounds and is semi-portable, and can be moved around partially. It uses wood pellets and an electric feeder as a fuel type. It has a cooking area of 572 square inches, of which a primary area is of 418 square inches, and the upper rack is 154 square inches. The hopper capacity is 18 lbs and needs to be preheated for 10 minutes. 

The Traeger Pro Series 22 is very durable and sturdy, and also relatively stable thanks to the strong metal frame and the heavy-duty wheels. It also has two digital control temperature probes with which you can easily read the internal temperatures and an automatic auger, which is the heart of the Traeger pellet grill. The grill needs a corded electric power source and gives an energy output of 76,000 BTUs. 


  • Strong and durable build, and it is also quite stable because of the heavy-duty wheels. 
  • The porcelain-enameled cooking grates are very easy to clean, and maintenance, in general, is very easy. 
  • It has an electric ignition which provides a great autostart and is better than manual ignition. 
  • It gets hot within just 10 minutes of starting up. 
  • It has two meat probes which you can use to check the temperature.


  • There is no proper insulation in this pellet grill. Despite having a lid, the smoke sometimes exits through the sides, which is problematic.
  • This grill finds it a bit difficult to maintain the temperature, and there have been complaints of fluctuations in temperature. 
  • The grilling area is relatively small, and it is challenging to maneuver food there. 

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Traeger Pro 22 – Overview

1. Build Quality and Design

Traeger Pro 22 Review

The Traeger Grill Pro 22 pellet grill is designed very ergonomically. The first thing you will be noticing about it is its very compact design. It is designed in a very ergonomic way, and the compact design makes it easier to store it in a little corner of your home or garage and also makes it very easy to operate. The beautiful streamlined design gives it a sleek look, and the entire unit is built in a very durable way. It has a strong metal frame, which is not wobbly and actually relatively stable. The grill has a lid which is the true hero, and despite being a bit thin, the lid can be used for trapping the heat in the grill and incorporate a smokey flavor. The motor housed in this grill is also quite powerful and effective, but the only downside to this grill is that it takes time to heat up. It also struggles to hold the heat in, so it is definitely a bit time-consuming.

2. Ease of Use

A major plus listed which you will read on any Traeger 22 Pro review, is perhaps the easy assembly of this pellet grill. While pellet grills are usually much easier to handle, the Traeger Pro 22 checks out and takes the assembly time down a significant amount of time. It is very easy to put together, and you do not need any expert guidance for the same. But since the cooking is a bit slow and the cooking area is relatively compact, you might end up using your grill for a prolonged amount of time. The digital control panel, however, is very useful and also helpful in easier use. You can easily use the meat probes provided in this to check the temperature of the food while you are cooking it. The ergonomic digital panel displays all the necessary information, and the automatic auger makes sure you do not stress about the grill too much.

3. Grilling Area

Grilling Area of Traeger Pro 22

In terms of the measurements of the grilling area, because the grill is housed with a grilling area of 572 square inches, the grill is compact sized and can get the grilling job done quickly if you are using it for some light grilling or for cooking for a small family. Because the grilling space is essentially quite small, you do not get a lot of space to maneuver the food, which may end up being an impediment to faster cooking. You get 418 square inches of space in the primary cooking space and 154 square inches in the second rack, which helps you to keep your food warm. The grilling grates are enameled with porcelain, and it helps in an even heat distribution which sears the food beautifully and is unparalleled in performance. The grilling area also has a grease bucket that collects the grease, making it easier to clean. 

4. Accessories Included

Any Traeger pellet grill comes with wood pellets, and the Pro 22 is no exception. There are different flavors of the wood pellets included, which impart a beautiful smokey flavor into the food you are cooking. These wood pellets come in different flavors like cherry, hickory, maple, and many other flavors, making your pellet grill usage better. You can easily use the controller to set a temperature you desire, and the auger in the grill uses an automatic drivetrain which is one of the best and easily delivers the pellets into the firepot. It also comes with two probes. 

5. Maintenance

The burned wood pellets give out smoke, which, when combined with moisture, creates a tar-like greasy substance, which gets collected in the grease bucket. The benefit of having a grease bucket is that you can disengage it from the machine and then dump the grease. This was the easy part. Coming to the much labor-intensive work, the Traeger pellet grills always generate a lot of ash, which may seem to be a small price to pay for delicious food every time.

You need to vacuum out the ash after each use to stop it from flying into your food the next time you use it. You also need to scrape down the grates after each use to stop the grease from the food from damaging the porcelain coating of the cooking grates. Also, if you keep your machine clean, it increases the productivity and longevity of the product. You also need to clean out the drip tray daily so that you do not need to replace it. 

6. Other Features

Features of Traeger Pro 22

Your Traeger Pro Series 22 comes with sturdy all-terrain wheels, which you can use to transport the machine anywhere, and these wheels are very durable and stable enough. For an added stability, the frame of the pellet grill comes with a linebacker-like sawhorse chassis; it adds the kind of stability which very few pellet grills have. This series of Traeger pellet grills boasts an intelligent feature of precise temperature control, which is of great help while cooking in a pellet grill. It also comes equipped with a Digital Pro Controller, which has an Advanced Grilling Logic and helps you set the temperature in 25-degree increments.

You can use this grill for a guaranteed and sure grilling which is precise enough to earn you praise from your peers. You have 18 lbs of hopper capacity, which is excellent and keeps your grill running for a long time. The versatile user options let you use this pellet grill in different ways and methods, and you can cook just about anything here. The features that come in this pellet grill are undoubtedly awesome. The powerful steel construction paired with the durable powder coat finish gives it a very sleek and sophisticated look and adds certain durability to it.

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To conclude, the Traeger Pro Series 22 pellet grill is a win, and while it is a wholly updated version, it can do better on its heat and temperature retention. You will enjoy cooking on this grill, and it is faster and built better than its other counterparts present in the market, which is why any pellet grill lover should give it a try and enjoy the delicious grilled food it concocts for you. 

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