Crust Conductor

Going for an Italian is a solid date night choice, so add a touch of originality to the idea by coming to The Crust Conductor. It will add some novelty to this oh so special of days. Though it will be touring festivals come summer, the bright red retro London bus is currently parked up outside a microbrewery in Peckham. You can get really delicious pizzas (starting at just £6), served in cardboard pizza boxes on spotty tablecloths, with wine and craft beer on the side and tunes coming from an onboard DJ booth. No, it’s not The Ritz, but it’s darn sight more fun.

We serve up a rotating menu of wood-fired pizzas with names like “Retired Gangster,” “Not So American, But Hot,” and a clam- and anchovy-topped pie called the “Aqua Marina.” The bus also houses a wood-fired oven, a DJ booth-cum-cocktail bar, and seats for 34 people.

Brick Brewery, Arch 209, Blenheim Grove, London, SE15;