Weber Spirit E-330 Review

Weber Spirit E-330 Review

The best aspect of gas grills is the quantity of time one can save by using them. Large outdoor grills let you cook large batches of delicious dishes for more people. And gas grills essentially transform the way individuals look at get-togethers and events.

The Weber Spirit E 330 is one such ideal mix of dimension, rate, comfort, and also terrific taste. While food preparation in charcoal grills keeps the smoky flavor that everybody wishes for, the e-330 features flavorful bars that give the great smoky aroma to the real core of the smoked meat.

Weber Spirit E-330 Specifications

  • Grilling Area: 424 inches of main cooking location with an additional 105 inches available in the form of a warming shelf
  • Key Heaters: 3 stainless steel heaters ranked for a mixed 32,000 BTU/hr
  • Home Heating Power: (32,000 BTU/hour)/ (424 square inches) = 75 BTU per hour per square inch
  • Dimensions: 45.5 ″ of H X 52 ″ of W X 24 ″ of D
  • Side Heater: 12,000 BTU/hr
  • Sear Station Heater: 7,500 BTU/hr
  • Guarantee: one decade (cover, cook box, heater tubes), 5 years (grate), 2 years (all various other components)

Weber Spirit E-330 Performance Review

Weber Spirit E-330 Performance Review

Weber’s Spirit line of grills varies from smaller sized 2 heater models to a 3 burner + side heater versions. The E-330 grill sits in the top of the family members as a 3 heater design with included sear and also side burners, therefore, offering great deals of versatility when it concerns to grilling.

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1. Layout and High-Built Quality

The E-330 is well developed. The cook box and shroud are made from cast aluminum which is much more long-lasting than sheet metal frequently located in various other grills. The shadow is porcelain-enamelled, which helps to avoid fading, peeling off and rusting and is consequently much easier to cleanse.

The cover consists of a center-mounted thermometer although we always suggest having an excellent digital thermostat handy. The side shelves and heater tubes are stainless-steel as well as the cooking grates are porcelain enamelled cast iron which offers superior warmth retention and also burning compared to thinner cable grill grates. The cooking grates do not call for flavoring and also consequently, are excellent to go right out of the box.

The E-330 features a 12,000 BTU side heater which enables the food preparation of side recipes and sauces in addition to the main course. It has a layer down leading so the self can be used when the burner is available. Due to the style of the gas system, the side heater mounts to the left side of the grill.

The E-330 can be used for tailgating yet at 116 extra pounds; you may require 2 people to raise it into a lorry. The grill remains on 4 wheels, 2 of which can secure so the grill can be kept in place.

2. Setting up the Unit

Constructing the E-330 is reasonably easy and straightforward. The firebox, as well as gas line, come pre-assembled, you have to put together the cart and attach the components. Lots of people can do this in around 2 hrs like the Char Broil Performance 650 grill.

3. Quality Food Preparation

Although gas grills cannot impart that traditional fragrance to the meat, the e-330 varies in this aspect. The version consists of flavorizer bars, unique enhancement of Weber, which help to boost the fragrance of cooked food. It does this by vaporizing all the oil drippings, marinates, and sauces that fall on the bars and also flow them back into the grilling system. This gives the unique ‘prepared on a grill’ taste to the food.

The E-330 spreads the warmth consistently for both direct and also indirect cooking. It takes less time than various other grills to reach the hot temperature levels. The specialized sear burner is excellent for placing a flavored crust on big cuts of meat.

The cast-aluminum construct of the shroud and the single-vent system control improves the indirect food preparation on the grill. The cast-iron grates likewise maintain the majority of the warmth and also disperse it evenly throughout the surface area. All these facets make certain that you can also cook one of the most delicate dishes effortlessly, as the heat that reaches the food in indirect cooking is just the correct amount.

4. Ease to Use

The digital Crossover ignition is system is very trustworthy. A single AA battery-powered igniter lights the first burner which then allows the various other heaters to be lit off of it.

The Weber Spirit E-330 is powered by a 20-lb liquid gas storage tank and also has an integrated fuel scale. The gauge estimates remaining gas by the weight of the container, so you constantly understand how much fuel you have.

The storage cupboard has a lot of space for the propane container as well as additionally has additional room for tools as well as various other accessories.

Changing out the gas tank is reasonably easy. The porcelain on the grates and also flavorizer bars make them very easy to clean.

5. Ease to Clean up

The E-330 has an oil administration that makes the system that makes cleaning simple. Any type of juices and meat bits not vaporized by the flavorizer bars are caught by the grease tray which angles them into the catch pan. Both the oil tray and capture frying pan are easily detachable for cleansing.

The catch frying pan can be discarded for one more, or you can line it with aluminum foil for numerous uses. The heater tubes can additionally be easily cleaned up with a simple stainless-steel grill brush like the weber genesis II E-410 grill.

Spirit SP 335 Vs E 330

Spirit SP 335 Vs E 330

There are a lot of cosmetic distinctions in between these grills yet only one useful difference that matters. The primary cosmetic distinctions include:

  • Stainless-steel lid and also cabinet door on the SP 335
  • Stainless-steel Flavorizer bars on the SP 335
  • Steel burner control handles on the SP 335
  • Less tool hooks on the SP 335

Some individuals truly want a stainless-steel grill, and also these aesthetic distinctions are reason enough for them to buy the SP 335 rather than the E 330.

The greatest functional difference between these two grills is the cooking grate. The E 330 has a great grate made from porcelain enamelled cast iron. The SP 335 has an even much better grate made from 7mm stainless-steel rods. The stainless-steel pole grate is easier to cleanse and gives much better grill marks than the cast iron grate.


If what you are seeking is quick and basic cooking, enhanced tastes, as well as a big cooking area to accommodate all your cooking plans at the same time, merely struck the ‘Buy Now’ alternative or you may go for Weber Q3200. And if this isn’t enough, the grill is low on upkeep also.

The last item of advice from our end is this grill is the best option for those who do not have a space crunch. It’s an excellent grill for all those intending to discover, experiment, improvise and stun all their enjoyed ones with delicious dishes.

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