Best Grilla Grills Review

Best Grilla Grills Review 2022

Are you two looking to know about the great grill brand The Grilla Grills? Or perhaps you are looking to buy a nice grilling set. Either way, you have come to the right place. We believe that the Grilla Grills are world-class grills and maybe the right match for you. This brand manufactures great grilling combos that are a must check! But we do not impose our opinions on you. And that is why we have come with a grilla grills review! You can read on to know more about these gorilla grills and finally make your decisions.

Best Grilla Grills

The grilling brand Grilla Grills offers a vast range of grilling products. And that is why we have brought you a detailed review of some of the best products from the Gorilla Grills.

1. Grilla Silverback Alpha Review

Here is a super honest grilla silverbac review. The Grilla Silverback Alpha is a great combo product. In this package, you receive four bags of premium competition blend pellet fuel of 20 pounds each along with the Alpha Silverback pellet grill with dual-mode controller and a ¼” stainless steel upper rack extension that can increase the cooking capacity. It is a multipurpose grill.

This grill is made of good quality wood. The Grilla Silverback Alpha can provide both Flames – low & slow smoke flame and hot & fast sear flame. This means that you can grill, bake, roast, and boil as well on this grill. Everyone will love the food that you cook on this because the combination smokers of this grill set bring the unmatchable traditional flavor that those electric or gas grills could never match.

The Grilla Silverback Alpha lets you customize even more with the variety of pellet flavors that it offers. It is equipped with the Grilla Grills Industry-leading dual-mode PID controller that provides temperature precision mode along with a smoke production mode so that you can cook however you want. It is also equipped with an automated feeding system and a 20 pounds Hopper.

The Grilla Silverback Alpha is constructed with a double-wall insulated barre which is suited for even coldest temperatures because of the added fuel technology. It is made up of all stainless steel internally along with an added twin storage compartment.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Electric fuel
  • 4 x 20 pounds wooden pellets
  • Easy to use


  • Limited space when cooking large items
  • No WiFi compatibility

2. Grilla Grills Chimp Review

The Chimp Tailgater Bundle from Grilla Grills is a great combo product with Multi-Purpose Smoker and BBQ Wood Pellet Grill. It is one of the most up to date grill model, that comes with AlphaSmoke controller and Dual Mode PID controller.

As expected from a multipurpose grill, it gives both Low and Slow Smoke & Hot and Fast Sear. This Chimp Tailgater Bundle from Grilla Grill is not only for grilling purpose, but you can also bake, roast, sear, broil and smoke.

The Chimp is a portable pellet grill which is constructed with a double-wall insulated barre suited for even coldest temperatures because of the added fuel technology. It is made up of all stainless steel internally along with an added twin storage compartment.

It comes with the industry-leading dual mode PID controller. The latest dual-mode PID allows you to check the set temperature and the actual temperature to make minor adjustments to the fan and auger, controlling the wood pellets’ rate. It is also equipped with an automated feeding system with a 15 pounds Hopper.

There are sturdy handles on each side of the grill to make it easy to load and unload the Chimp Pellet Grill, so you can take it wherever you need. Equipped with foldable legs and castors, this grill is as portable as it gets. These attributes make it rather suitable for backyard barbeques and tailgates.


  • Alpha Smoke Dual controller Technology
  • Latest Dual Mode PID
  • Automated feeding system with a 15 LB Hopper.
  • Equipped with dripping pan
  • Rugged grill cover for added protection from the elements.


  • Upper rack is not expandable

Who Are Grilla Grills

Grilla Grills is an American-owned, family-run business of the grilling products. This business has been alive and thriving for over forty years now. Before turning into a grilling products brand, it was a metal processing company, based in Holland, Michigan where they worked in the automotive and the construction industries. Now, Grilla Grills is widely known for its products and gets one of the best reviews worldwide.

Grilla Grills Vs Others

Best Grilla Grills Review 2022

Having learned about Grilla Grills so much, we find it necessary to know how it competes with the other brands. Read on to know how it does against its competitors in various areas.

1. Smoke Technology

Grilla Grills use the best of smoke technology. These come with dual-mode controllers – PID mode and traditional style mode, in the same unit. This gives you precision temperature control and a natural smoky flavor at just a push of a button.

These features are only available at Grilla Grills, making it much more desired than others. It comes with auto-ignition technology along with that of Set and Forgets Digital Control System. You also get automatic lighting features and 180°F to 500°F in 5-degree increments in these grills. The control panel is made digital that displays current cooking temperature and also the meat temperature.

2. Durability

The Grilla Grills are extremely durable. They are made up of rock-solid, heavy steel constructions and come with a rugged steel firepot. The side trays are also made of stainless steel for increased durability. There is also a viewing glass that helps you glance and do an easy flame check that reduces any mishappenings’ chances.

The Grilla Grills do better than most other competitive grill brands because of their solid and protective construction. They construct the grates, the diffusers, and all the chamber’s exterior and interior components with a  powder-coated, heavy stainless steel for extra stability. This powder coating ends up enhancing the robustness and the temperature bearing capacity of the components.

3. Thermal Jacket Insulation

The Grilla Grills have been thoughtfully devised to have this great feature, that most other brands have not equipped even now. The Grilla Grills are equipped with a special thermal metal jacket that works as the thermal jacket insulation. This means that the walls of the grilla grills are made to undergo the inch-perfect welding and powder coating, along with calling during its construction.

Due to this, the grill chamber of the Grilla Grills becomes amazingly insulated. Consequently, the temperature inside the chamber and fuel economy ends up remaining unaffected, even after the freezing temperature outside.


Having seen the reviews and the comparison between Grilla Grills and its competitors, we can say that Grilla grills are an amazing grilling brand. It has world-class technologies, and it uses the best quality material during the construction of these grills.

These grills give you a vast range of products that can be cooked on these grills and maximum control for you over the functioning of the grills while you are cooking. All in all, Grilla Grills are one of the best grilling brands one could make a worthy purchase from!

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