Traeger Pro 780 Review

Traeger Pro 780 Review

Everyone knows about Traeger, the company that manufactures pellet grills and is always on the top of the market. Traeger does not need any introduction. Its newest age technologies always make your cooking much more delicious and flavourful and make cooking an easy job for most people, even beginners who have never operated a grill.

The Traeger Pro 780 pellet grill is one of the newer models that Traeger has introduced. It is becoming prevalent because of its features, which are very lucrative for not just seasoned grill operators but also people who are tech savvies. But to invest in such a pellet grill without knowing the specifics is a huge risk, and if you are not proficient with grilling, it will sound like gibberish to you.

You need to sit back and relax and read this Traeger Pro 780 review while we break down everything for you and tell you why the Traeger Grill Pro 780 will be an excellent fit for your household.

Traeger Pro 780

Traeger Pro 780 Review

Let’s get into the technical details of the Traeger Pro 780 to find out why it will be a good fit for you. The grilling area of this pellet grill is 780 square inches, hence the name Pro 780. The dimensions of the grilling size are 55 x 49 x 27 inches. It can easily sustain a temperature of 500℉ and has a metal frame supporting the entire grill.

The hopper’s capacity is 18 lbs, which means that it can hold pellets up to 18 pounds. It weighs 146 pounds and has a warranty of 3 years. It has a Pro D2 controller, which features a LED screen that shows all relevant information, and can be controlled with Google Assistant or Alexa using the WiFIRE technology.  


  • The 780 square inches of grilling space are really big and allow grilling for many people.
  • It can provide a maximum temperature of 500℉, which provides enough heat for all the various cooking processes.
  • It has a Pro D2 controller, which easily showcases the mode and other specifications.
  • Provides extra grill racks with storage hooks externally, which allows you to store your accessories and tools.
  • Quite lightweight.


  • Though it is WiFi-enabled, the WiFIRE technology sometimes stops working.
  • The metal frame is not that durable.
  • Is a bit pricey.

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Traeger Pro 780 – Overview

Traeger Pro 780 overview

1. Build Quality and Design

The Traeger Pro 780 pellet grill is constructed in a very ergonomic manner, and the design is also quite sleek and very attractive to look at. It is sure to earn you some great compliments based on just the looks alone. The pellet grill stands on a metal frame, which beautifully supports the entire grill. The design is quite streamlined, with an extraordinary wood pellet power source, and it also comes with a large screen that helps the pellets from being stuck while getting into the auger.

The frame also comes with a lid and a cover which helps the grill from any external abrasions or scratches, or damage. The pellet grill is housed with rugged all-terrain wheels, which help in the grill’s easy portability wherever you might want to take it. It also comes equipped with a built-in meat probe which helps to check the temperature properly.

2. Grilling Area

The grilling area of the Traeger Pro 780 Pellet Grill is very interesting as it is quite big and has a total cooking space of 780 square inches, which is very apparent from the name of the pellet grill itself. However, this is not just a single layer of the grill grate; the cooking space has two racks, Rack 1 has a cooking space that measures 570 square inches, and Rack 2 has a cooking space that measures 210 square inches.

Therefore, you can use the grilling area for cooking a large plethora of foods, and with so much space, it barely takes time. It simply has a lot of room to maneuver and does not get in the way of other features of the grill, which happens if you get a grill with a small cooking area. The grilling racks are also quite potent in distributing an even temperature for a better cooking experience.

Traeger Pro 780

3. Ease of Use

Housed with so many different features like WiFire and a very superior build and design, the Traeger Pro 780 is very easy to use. The assembly of this pellet grill does not take a lot of time, and you can do it yourself, which is a major plus for anyone who simply wants to get cooking food on your grill immediately.

However, cooking in some cases takes a bit of time, even with the precision temperature controller, because with the lid, some of the heat and smoke escapes. The WiFIRE setup with the app and mobile sounds easy and straightforward but is also quite time-consuming since the setup is quite tricky and takes a few tries to get it right.

Using the app is easy; however, it comes with many preloaded recipes and other information you may use to get the food cooked. The meat probe is also barely functional and sometimes results in a trigger that stops the entire grill from working. The interface Pro D2 controller is, however, relatively easy to use.

4. WiFire

The WiFIRE feature is the highlight of this pellet grill. It is a feature that will be very attractive for people who cannot constantly babysit their pellet grills and also for tech-savvy people who always want to check out new features. Traeger WiFIRE technology and the app that needs to be installed usually run into issues now and then, which is irritating. The setup that connects the pellet grill with the WiFi takes quite a long time, and the configuration setting is also very time-consuming.

The app does break down many times, but despite this small roadblock, when it functions properly, you will see a revolutionary change with your machine, and it will perform the jobs it claims to do with precision. The WiFIRE technology is compatible with your Alexa Devices, and you can also add Google Assistant to it. Still, it only connects to a 2.4 GHz channel on your WiFi router, which might be a bit of a problem for some users.

5. Maintenance

The porcelain-coated grill grates, which the Traeger Pro 780 comes equipped with, are easy to clean, as they do not let the food get stuck to the grates, therefore providing easy maintenance as you can clean them out quite easily. However, the maintenance of the Traeger Pro 780 is more intensive than propane grills, seeing that the user needs to properly vacuum the ashes so that it does not float around the grill.

If the ashes are not cleaned regularly, the ash from the pellets will float around and eventually fall on your food. It is also important to clean the ash regularly since it may trigger issues in the pellet grill fire pot and cause problems. The grease from the grates gets under the tray liner very easily, which also permeates through several parts of the grill before it finally drains into the grease bucket. The drip tray of the grill also needs to be replaced quite often.

6. Accessories Included

The Traeger Pro 780 comes with wood pellet flavors included in the packaging, so you can get the perfect flavor of these pellets’ smokiness into your food quite quickly. These pellets are one of the best parts of the grill, and they come in a lot of flavors like maple, hickory, mesquite, cherry, etc.

These pellets add wonderful smoky flavors and taste to the cooked food. You can use the controller to easily set the desired temperature, which you prefer. At the same time, the auger makes use of the drivetrain and delivers the hardwood pellets to the firepot seamlessly. Additionally, the grill comes equipped with a fixed meat probe which you can use quickly to cook the food, and it is equipped with 5-degree increment PID control settings.

7. Other Features

The Traeger Pro 780 features many other eye-catchy features other than the WiFire, and are relatively abundant in this pellet grill. The user can use the app to check out new recipes, which you can implement in the pellet grill, and in case you want to save them, you can download them.

The grill also is housed with a built-in time which automatically shuts down when the cooking process is done with, and therefore dutifully ensures that there is no chance of overcooking the meat, as well as overheating, which may lead to other electrical mishaps or short-circuiting, and is a very useful feature to have. The grill is equipped with mostly all the good settings, and you can customize them according to your choice using the dial.

You can keep the food warm in the grill while the machine is paused using the keep warm option. The very versatile pellet grill is also a multitasker as you can use the grill for cooking using six methods. The beautiful grill cover also provides a very protective shield for your machine when it is not in use and helps prevent damage from the outer atmosphere. If you are on a budget and looking for similar kind of model, then go for Traeger Pro 575. If you want to know in-depth information about this product, you can review our article on Traeger Pro 575.


The Traeger Pro 780 is a good pellet grill, as you must have realized from the review itself. The downsides to this machine are very less pronounced as compared to the good parts of it, and it is truly a very versatile machine that can do the job well for a big family. However, you must check your home’s specifications well before you can invest in this beautiful pellet grill, which will surely bring you a lot of good compliments.

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