Weber Q 3200 Review

Weber Q 3200 Review

The Q 3200 gas grill has grown out of appeal of the initial Q. This super-sized version is developed more for the individual who has restricted room rather than for the individual that requires a portable grill. At 83 pounds entirely, this isn’t a grill to take on a barbecue.

This grill offers you with indirect food preparation capacities and space as a small, traditional gas grill. This grill will provide you authentic cooking right down to the warming rack in a device that is quickly stored as well as doesn’t use up a lot of space.

Weber Q3200 Specifications

  • 21,700 BTUs from two tubular stainless-steel burners
  • 393 square inches of primary grilling room for a total food preparation location of 468 square inches
  • 2 porcelain-coated, cast-iron food preparation grates
  • Electric (AA-battery) ignition
  • Large hood assures to make room for an entire hen or huge roasts.
  • Hood-mounted temperature level scale
  • 2 foldout side tables
  • Weighs in at 83 extra pounds including the grill, stand, tube, and regulatory authority
  • Operates a standard 20-pound propane tank
  • Offered in propane or natural gas

Weber Q3200 Performance Review

Weber Q3200 Performance Review

This grill is a wonderful concession between a huge full-featured grill as well as a standard portable, making it best for apartment or condo residents or tailgaters. The two-burner layout gives you indirect cooking abilities. One heater runs around the sides of the grilling area while the various other cuts through the center. Let’s take a look at the extensive review of it.

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1. Burner Configuration

A crucial aspect of the Q3200 barbecue grill is the heater configuration as this is not a traditional two heater gas grill. This grill has a primary rectangular burner that circles beyond the grill as well as an additional burner that offers added heat to the center of the grill.

This heater setup allows you to cook with reduced flame or high flame however does not let you establish the grill with a Hot Zone as well as Cool Zone. This isn’t an offer killer; however, it does limit the flexibility that you anticipate from a multi-burner grill like the Weber E-210 grill and Weber E-410 grill.

2. Grill Plugging

Weber barbecue grill arrived in the 1980s when they introduced Flavorizer bars. The Flavorizer bars (additionally called Flame Tamers) served numerous purposes, and one of them was to protect the burners from trickling grease and grill crud. None of the grills in the Q collection have Flavorizer bars.

This suggests that anything that leaks from the grate has straight accessibility to the burners below. Completion outcome is that the ports on the Q collection heaters are much more prone to connecting than on a lot of Weber gas grills. Cleaning up the ports out isn’t tough. You can lower heater connected by cleaning excess marinades from meats and also not straining your burgers with a lot of cheese that it melts all over the place.

3. Burner Power

The heaters on this grill are ranked at 21,700 BTU/hr and also require to heat 393 square inches of grate room. This offers the heating power of 55 BTU/hr per square inch of the grate. On a lot of full-sized backyard grills, you get at the very least 75 BTU/hr per square inch of grill area.

On one hand it looks like the Q 3200 is a little underpowered and On the other hand I hardly ever do any cooking on my full-sized grills with the burners turned entirely on High flame.

4. Grill Guarantee

Because the burners on Q series grills are not shielded by Flavorizer bars, Weber has decreased the guarantee on the burners from 10 years to 5. The five-year guarantee is still a heck of a whole lot far better than you get from 90% of the grill makes around but realize that the heaters will certainly not last long.

Weber Q3200 Vs Spirit II E 210

Weber Q3200 Vs Spirit II E 210

Overall, the Spirit, as well as the Q, are identical. Both grills are tiny as well as would certainly function well in a smaller room, although the Spirit is a bit bigger overall and also is ruled out a portable grill.

The Spirit has extra cooking power than the Q3200 and also a bigger general cooking and warming space. Both grills use LP fuel, but the Spirit can take gas too. Both grills have 2 burners and also stand with two wheels.

The Spirit features much more devices and also is a newer design in contrast to the Q3200. It includes flavorizer bars, an infinity ignition, and a stainless steel warm deflector. It is overall superior in its abilities and also its design to the Q3200, all for the very same cost. Check Weber E-210 review with us.

Your option right here will need to be reflective of your area. An ultra-small space is the only reason I would recommend the Q3200 over the Spirit. The latter is a much premium layout with terrific upgraded functions for the same low price.

Weber Q3200 vs Q2200

If you’re looking for mobility than size, you might want to take into consideration a downgrade to the Q2200. It has one stainless-steel burner, with quite less primary food preparation area, but is still an excellent alternative for a portable grill.

Where the Q3200 would be appropriate to offer a semi-permanent camping site or a home, the Q2200 is suitable for weekend trips, outings, as well as more, while still being an excellent option for a small area like an apartment or condo to be made use of much more consistently. You can check the difference between Weber Q1200 and Q2200 with us.


For the price, the building and construction of this Weber is an excellent grill. The layout of this model is simple, and the grill does not count on lots of bonus. This is a basic unit grill, excellent for someone who wishes to barbecue small portion dishes in a small area.

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