Stok charcoal grill

Stok Charcoal Grill Review

We’re always in search for smarter, more versatile versions of backyard staples and the STOK Drum Charcoal Grill is an ideal example. If you’ve been trying to find a traditional charcoal grill, STOK has changed the game and included some exceptionally smart features in addition to much better cooking grates. So before you invest more on a Weber Q1200 or Q2200 find out more about the STOK and this Stok charcoal grill review will help you know more about stok. We believe you’ll be happily shocked!

Stok grills are a special brand of grills made in China by Chant Group, Inc. that are sold exclusively at Home Depot. Although Stok is a reasonably new line of grills, the Chant Group has been producing gas grills and heating units since 1985. In the U.S, Stok is owned by One World Technologies that has a workplace in South Carolina.

Stok grills offer users with an interchangeable grate system that can be changed quickly and easily in between a griddle, a pizza stone, a veggie tray, or a grill grate on either half of the grill. Although gas grill accessories are not something new, the Stok’s distinct detachable cooking grate system is something that has been presented in the market for the first time. These grills are ideal for somebody who enjoys grilling a wide variety of food as they allow you to grill anything from pizzas to pancakes to cookies. Now, let’s dive into stok charcoal grill review!

Stok Charcoal Drum Grill Review

Stok Charcoal Drum Grill Review


  • Compatible with one-pound liquid propane tank
  • The collapsible stand makes it simple to transportation and shop
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron grate ensures maximum cooking
  • Built-in temperature level gauge and a side table increase convenience.
  • 15,000 BTUs and 348-square inch of cooking surface area for an enhanced barbecuing experience


  • Temperature level might not be even.

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1. Design And Size

The most significant advantage that Stok grills have over their rivals is their special design. The grill top, which is cut into the grates, is developed in circular pieces that can be removed easily. This enables users to change the grill grate to a vegetable tray, griddle, pizza stone, or any other grill insert. It also includes a special tool that makes it really simple to remove or exchange these devices. This grill will definitely end up being a favorite of the entire household because of the immense grilling options that it offers. There are inserts for chicken, pizza, breakfast, ribs, stews, cookies, or whatever else you may consider.

In my opinion, this grill is of the perfect size. Their website specifies that it is 48.38 inches high, 52.48 inches broad base, 22.5″ Diameter Firebox, and 363 square inches of a grilling surface area. By gas grill requirements, it appears relatively small; however, by charcoal standards, it’s about average. We have been utilizing this grill typically three times a week and usually have about 3-5 individuals consuming at once. I do not feel that the grill is too large to get and use for such a percentage of food. To put it into perspective, when we cook with a large foil container filled with vegetables, we are still able to fit 4 to 6 burgers and a few hot dogs simultaneously.

2. High-Quality Materials

Stok grills are constructed with high-quality products that ensure their toughness. A few of these grills are made with chrome-enameled grates that are easy to preserve and maintain their shape over time. They are likewise extremely easy to clean. Some grills are produced with porcelain-enamelled cast-iron grates that can minimize fuel consumption and can retain more heat.

3. Features Of Stok Charcoal Grill

A. Significant Features

I. Sturdy Cast Iron Grates

One big differentiator in between STOK and its competitors is the cast iron grates. Just like a decades-old frying pan, cast iron will become increasingly more experienced in time adding additional flavor to whatever you’re cooking.

Cast iron also absorbs and maintains more heat which lets you attain a much better sear when cooking meat. Most conventional charcoal grills will come standard with stainless-steel cooking grates. Weber provides cast iron upgrades to the tune of an extra $50.

II. STOK Insert System

STOK’s insert system is a first of its kind interchangeable grate system that enables you to alter the grill grate to any STOK Insert such as a pizza stone, cigarette smoker, vegetable tray, and much more. This flexibility is typically only found in high-end ceramic kamado design grills costing 10x more.

While the inserts like a frying pan, smoker box, or wok are nice to have the insert system without the extra inserts is a better design by itself.

It enables simpler charcoal lighting as you can include the coals to the center insert and keep them there. This technique enables easy two-zone cooking, direct cooking in the center over the coals and indirect around the outside radius of the grill. This is one of the areas in which Stok is better than popular grills such as the Weber Genesis E-410 or the Char Broil Performance 650.

B. Other Features

  1. The easy-clean ash catcher in the bottom of the pan works great and is probably one of my favorite functions of the grill. Utilizing the included easy-grip deal with, eliminating and disposing of remaining ash could not be easier.
  2. The temperature gauge is as you would expect and although I do not tend to use it, I like that it exists.
  3. The hood lock works great. There is a tab on each side of the lid that enables it to easily be connected onto the side of the grill when not in usage. Again, this worked as described, and no complaints from me!
  4. The heat guard around the handle on the lid is also a great touch and does significantly reduce the heat from the grill getting to your hand. No, I do not believe it is all that required, but it has it, and it doesn’t injure right?


The Stok Drum Charcoal Grill is highly recommended if you are searching the market for a multi-purpose bbq grill. Cast iron grates are a game-changer when it concerns searing and tastes. Plus the majority of grills do not include the basic; however, STOK does. The ease of indirect cooking is integrated into this grill so you’ll invest less time attempting to achieve real 2 zone cooking. The insert system means you don’t have to invest in an additional charcoal lighting system and allows for additional add-ons like a pizza stone, wok, and vegetable roaster. Priced under $150, the STOK DRUM Charcoal Grill offers flexibility and worth in a charcoal drum grill. I hope this stok charcoal grill review have introduced you to the stok brand and their most famous grill product.

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