Weber Genesis II E-410 Review

Weber Genesis II E-410 Review

Genesis II E 410 was first presented in 2017. At that point, it came out turning to fill up the gap in the Genesis schedule that made the three-burner items seem unnecessary. It has continued to be a top contender in its course for the past year, with terrific features like an open cart layout as well as Weber’s GS4 barbecuing system, along with high reviews from purchasers.

Weber Genesis II E-410 Specifications

  • Grilling Area: 646 inches of primary cooking location with an extra 198 inches offered in the form of a tuck-away warming shelf
  • Grates: Porcelain-enameled, cast iron
  • Burners: 4 stainless steel burners
  • Heating Power: (48,000 BTU/hour)/ (646 square inches) = 74 BTU per hr per square inch
  • Dimensions (with lid ajar): 61″ H x 61″ W x 29″ D– 45″ H with lid closed
  • iGrill 3: Compatible, but accessory sold individually
  • Guarantee Details: one-decade excluding normal wear and tear and based on additional conditions

Weber Genesis II E-410 Performance Review

Weber Genesis II E-410 Performance Review

The size of the 410 is what sets it apart in the Weber product line. With the main grilling location of 646 square inches, the 400 series of grills is the largest gas grills produced by Weber. If you are looking for a smaller sized grill, then you may go for the Weber Q3200. Let’s look at Genesis II E-410 overall performance.

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1. Design and Develop Quality

Weber grills are typically associated with high quality and longevity. This originates from the truth that Weber grills are often made with premium quality products, and Genesis II E-410 is no exemption like the Genesis II E-210.

The body of this grill, as mentioned above, is made from stainless steel, and its interior of the grill includes cast-iron grates. To shield the steels from rusting, the outside of the grill and the grates are covered with porcelain.

The top of the grill is large, making it a sensible option for cooking up to ten people. It’s plus size and also dependence on propane or natural gas make it a bad option for outdoor camping or tailgating, yet it does produce a nice addition to a patio area.

The important novelty of the Genesis II E-410 grill is its updated GS4 heating system and its compatibility with state-of-the-art accessories. These functions transform this or else no-fuss, traditional patio area grill right into a modern-day piece of equipment that can be appreciated at least a decade. The Weber Genesis II E-410 is available in both gas and natural gas versions.

2. Easy to Assemble

The setting up of the Genesis II E-410 grill is not simple, although guidelines for setting up are included. The majority of customers select specialist assembly, particularly when making use of gas as the heating source, to prevent making any kind of mistakes throughout the set up procedure.

3. Easy to Use

Using this grill is very simple. The Infinity Ignition system entails simply transforming a handle to light and adjust the temperature. Because this grill is well-insulated, you should not have any kind of difficulties keeping your desired temperature. On top of that, cleaning is as simple as possible with its central grease monitoring system.

4. Easy to Clean

Clean-up is commonly the feared part of grilling, yet this grill has 2 attributes to make this easy. The initial is the porcelain-coating of the grates which allow you to wipe down the grill after each usage easily.

Furthermore, the centrally-located oil pan allows you to throw away the grease directly without requiring to resume the body itself like the Char Broil Performance 650 grill.

5. High Quality of Cooking

Weber Genesis II E-410

As a whole, this grill provides a tasty cook. The row of heaters suggests that your barbeque will be cooked uniformly as there are no cool areas, and the flavorizer bars will certainly provide an added layer of smokey taste. You’ll be able to cook with this grill by using warming up the rack. You’ll likewise be able to toast the buns at the same time.

There is one major problem with the Genesis II E-410 grill, nonetheless, as well as this is that the maximum temperature level range (near 400 ° F) is almost impossible to maintain. While indirect heating can provide you with enough possibilities for a delicious barbecue, straight heating at extremely high temperatures to sear your steak is a little bit underwhelming.


The Genesis II E-410 is a standard barbecue grill with 4 burners. Yes, there are all the standard additional that Weber provides, as a storage tank range to see how much lp you have left, as well as a lot of accessories offered. However, this design does not have a side heater and even an option for one. 

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