Best Cast Aluminum Chiminea

Best Cast Aluminum Chiminea 2022

Do you like lounging in your garden after dark or often have garden parties and are longing for some warmth, and grilled food, but do not know how to pair these both functions together in one? This is where a chiminea comes into play, as it is one of the most versatile devices which can be used for this same purpose. It is a small portable fireplace which you can place in an outdoor space which provides warmth, and you can also grill your food there.

It also can be used as a lovely accent piece, and adds a very beautiful antique look to the space. Now, chimineas may come in a lot of varieties, for example, you might come across a copper chiminea or a cast aluminium chiminea, but are you wondering what the distinction is between all of these? This article will give you the correct information you need before making an educated choice in terms of purchase, and also give you reviews on various chimineas so that you make the correct choice based on your specifications. 

What is a Chiminea?

Chimineas are attractive and charming decorated outdoor fireplaces that can be used as outdoor garden art on the patios and are also quite functional, because they are a great source of heat during those evenings when the sun sets and there is a nip in the air. While these are mainly used for decorative accents in an open space, they are actually functional pieces which do help you stay warm. Chimineas are traditionally made out of terracotta, but recently copper chiminea fire pits or cast aluminium chiminea outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular too, and they are quite long lasting as well. 

Top Cast Aluminum Chiminea

It can be confusing to choose the best fit of cast aluminium chimineas, with the plethora of choices available. However, these cast aluminium chiminea reviews will help you buy cast aluminium chimineas and find the best fit for your snug outdoor space and also spruce it up with the good looks. 

1. Blue Rooster Charcoal Prairie Cast Aluminum Chiminea

Blue Rooster sure seems to be a popular choice because of its superior build and extremely beautiful designs. The Blue Rooster Charcoal Prairie Chiminea is a close replica of its Dragonfly model, except that the body does not have intricate detailing and is replaced by a smooth, charcoal finish body, which might be a great fit for someone who likes understated cast aluminium chimineas.

This chiminea is also slightly smaller than the Dragonfly version. It is very efficient, imbued with stainless steel, easy to light and also produces minimum smoke. It also comes equipped with a rain lid accessory which prevents the chiminea from getting wet in case of a downpour.

It easily accommodates full size fire logs and gives you a full view of the fire with its large mouth opening. All in all, it is a very unique cast aluminium wood burning chiminea with a very functional outdoor fireplace design. 


  • Highly efficient 
  • Produces minimum smoke
  • Provides a full view of the fire


  • Smaller in size 
  • Does not have fancy embellishments 

2. Blue Rooster Cast Aluminum Garden Chiminea

The design of the Blue Rooster Cast Aluminum Garden Chiminea is exceptionally beautiful and sleek, as it brings in various aspects of flowers and nature in its unique design. It will complement any outdoor space therefore perfectly with its detailed and very intricate details and has a dragonfly based design made with heavy duty cast aluminium construction, and so there is no worry for wear and tear.

It easily accommodates wood logs which are above 20 inches because of its wide mouth design and also generates minimal smoke, which is great for outdoor use. The chiminea is actually quite easy to clean and maintain because of this minimal smoke factor. It is also very portable, and has carrying handles on the side.

The cast aluminium is beneficial because it is lightweight and increases the portability, and makes it much more durable along with the stainless steel hardware. The fire burn intensity can also be kept in check with the spark arrestor neck. 


  • Sleek design 
  • Can burn wood logs which are above 20 inches
  • Very durable 


  • Has a toxic paint smell
  • The ash tends to fall out sometimes

3. Venetian Grill Wood Burning Cast Aluminum Chiminea

Blue Rooster clearly is the winner of all outdoor chimineas, because the Blue Rooster Venetian Outdoor Chiminea too features on this list of cast aluminium chiminea reviews. You would not have to worry about rust with its beautiful solid cast aluminium body. It provides an efficient drafting, as it is easy to light, and very easy to clean as well. It literally burns with very little smoke, which is great for use in an outdoor space.

The best part of this outdoor chiminea is the vintage Venetian design with a large mouth, which provides a large space. Unlike other Blue Rooster chiminea designs, this sports a fire chamber rectangular in shape. You can literally warm yourself up in front of an evening fire and also cook your dinner as it doubles up as a baking area. This comes with several accessories like a stainless steel safety door, a spark arrestor, a rain lid and side handles which help in easy portability. 


  • Beautiful vintage Venetian design
  • Has a large grilling/baking area
  • Very durable
  • Has a lot of accessories


  • The chiminea chips and changes colour so you might have to get it repainted

4. Deeco CP DM6035J-AA Jr. Cast Aluminum Chiminea

You are assured to have some seriously great compliments when you have guests over over the beautifully antique bronze finish of the Deeco CP Western Basket Weave Jr. The antique look is sure to complete the rustic look of your backyard or the patio. The chiminea is made of solid cast aluminium which reduces the wear and tear usually seen in clay chimineas and is much more durable.

It also comes with a removable lid which is housed on top, which is extremely beneficial to protect the chiminea against any external damages or rain. There is a hinged safety screen just in front of the large mouth, where you can easily place wooden logs and also grill your favourite delicacies.

It is easy to use because of the built-in grill which it comes equipped with. The chiminea definitely has a very ergonomic design which helps in the proper heat distribution and also keeps the fire in check with minimal smoke emanating from it. 


  • Beautiful design 
  • Durable 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Large mouth opening 


  • The assembly is easy but time consuming

5. Oakland Living Smoke Bear Cast Aluminum Chimenea

If you are looking for a very playful design of your cast aluminium chiminea, then the Smoke Bear Cast Aluminum Chiminea from the house of Oakland Living might be a great fit for your household since it is shaped like a bear and has a very unique design. The sculpting of this chiminea is definitely very innovative and will also add a lot of fun to the backyard or outdoor space you will place the chiminea in.

It has a rust free design made of cast aluminium, and is hardened with a powder coat finish in antique pewter. This enables the chiminea for better durability. The chiminea is relatively easy to assemble as well, and comes with stainless steel, brass and galvanized metal hardware which hold the unit together better and stronger.

The chiminea also claims to be fade resistant and is also chip resistant. The chiminea fire pits can accommodate three to five logs for heating and charcoal for grilling. 


  • Very unique design 
  • Rust free design 
  • Durable 


  • Quite heavy
  • No side handles for easy portability

How to Set Up a Cast Aluminum Chiminea

The cast aluminium type of chimineas usually need to be assembled right out of the box and this assembly process is very basic and can be completed without any sort of expert guidance. You need to choose a level base site next, and you must take care to never set up the chiminea on any flammable surface like wood, if there is no fire resistant barrier in between these surfaces. Do not set the chiminea on the ground directly either.

Your chiminea will usually come with a 3 or 4 leg base, which you will need to use to balance the chiminea properly, if it is lopsided then there might be accidents. Make sure that the base is completely level. Also you need to check if there are any low hanging or surrounding flammable materials around, which you will need to remove. Once your chiminea is assembled properly and is also levelled properly, you can start using your chiminea now. 

How to Maintain and Store a Cast Aluminum Chiminea

Cast aluminium chimineas are great for anyone who is looking for a low maintenance device and easy portability of a chiminea. Even though the cast aluminium chimineas are designed for use in an outdoor space, a little maintenance and easy storage will definitely help the chiminea go a long way with a superior longevity. You can put a cover over your chiminea when it is not in use and also store it in a barn or a garage, so that it stays protected from external damages like rain, water, wind, etc. and replace your spark arrestor whenever it is necessary. You can also use some heat resistant paint on the non-aluminium bolts. This will keep your chiminea healthy. 

Why should you opt for a Cast Aluminum Chiminea?

Cast Aluminum Chiminea

A chiminea was traditionally made out of clay and then burnt into terracotta, which were much more prone to cracking due to wear and tear and also from undue thermal stress. Which is why, a cast aluminium chiminea is a better choice, because it is actually much more durable and is more crack resistant than the clay ones, and also the possibility of any mishaps like burning down of the patios or wooden decks become less. Unlike cast iron chimineas, aluminium does not rust, and therefore is a good material for the cast aluminium chimineas. Also, it is also lighter in weight and does not leave stains on the surfaces you use it on. 


Now that you know what a chiminea is and what it does, you must get one immediately. A chiminea is very useful on those days where you might feel like lounging outside or have a short rendezvous with friends in the garden, and it can literally spruce up the entire space and give a very posh and quaint feeling to the outdoor space. Other than this, it is quite a versatile piece, but since it deals with fire, you must always take care to keep it out of reach where pets and children are concerned, to prevent any mishaps.

You must also put in your own research to check out which designs of a chiminea you like the most, because buying a chiminea blindly might not serve you well when you later find out that the design clashes badly with your outdoor space. Now that you know about chimineas, what are you waiting for? Get yours soon! 

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