5 Best Pizza Dough Press For Home

5 Best Pizza Dough Press For Home

Pizza is a very popular food item globally, and it is definitely loved by almost everyone. It has been more than 500 years since pizza was invented in Italy, and since then, it has become one of the most popular foods in the world. And it gave rise to many well popular pizzas like ledo’s pizza, happy joe’s taco pizza in the United states.

A lot of people prefer to make their own pizzas at home rather than buy them from restaurants. There are many different types of professional pizza machines available that you can use to make your own pizza. These machines will help you make the perfect homemade pizza.

Pizza dough press machines are a must-have for any pizza lover. Whether you own a restaurant or simply love making homemade pizzas in your kitchen, a pizza dough press is a fantastic purchase. This article will show you the Five best pizza dough press for home on the market and help you choose the right one for your needs.

What is a Pizza Dough Press?

A dough press is a simple, convenient machine that is extensively used by bakeries, restaurants, and other culinary outlets that offer meals that include or require dough. It has numerous names, including pizza press, tortilla press, cookie press, and others, but it is still a dough press at the end of the day.

This type of machine aids bakers, chefs, and everyday cooks in flattening the dough into the circular form of their choice for pizza, tortillas, and other similar foods. In terms of quality service and productivity, hand-kneading the dough and the hand-tossing technique had been left in the dust by the dough press.

This isn’t to argue that physical kneading and hand-tossing are obsolete in today’s world. If you want to increase productivity and speed up the creation of items, dough presses are the way to go. Presses with a heated head as well as a heated bottom or platen can develop a crust on both sides of the dough, giving it a cracker-like texture.

Pizza Dough Press For Home Use & Commercial Use

Pizza Dough Press For Home Use & Commercial Use

A pizza dough press is a very useful tool for making pizza quickly and easily. It saves time, effort, and money in the kitchen. You can use it to make pizzas at home or even commercially. There are many benefits to using a pizza dough press for making and serving pizzas in commercial as well as domestic kitchens.

You can use the pizza dough press to make pizzas at home, restaurants, and cafes. It is also used by professionals to cut down on costs and accelerate the process of making pizzas and serving them to customers. The pizza dough press has a variety of uses both in commercial and domestic settings.

With so many people buying pizza, a profit can be made from owning and operating a pizza dough press business. A pizza dough press is a machine that is designed to press out pizza dough into a specific shape, size, and thickness so it will cook evenly and come out of the oven just right.

1. INTBUYING 8.7inch Manual Pizza Dough Press Machine

The INTBUYING pizza dough press is designed primarily for pressing pancakes, but it may also be used to press pizza dough. Cast iron, a food-grade stainless steel pressure plate, and a support plate make up this unit’s base.

It has a spring mechanism that allows the handle to automatically reset, making it easier to press pizza dough.

The machine is made of stainless steel, which never rusts. The tray has a unique construction that allows it to be fastened to the supporting plate, ensuring that it does not shift during usage and maintains a straight slide.

The machine is made entirely of metal, making it more stable. It has a separate internal gear control roller and a handle extension, allowing for more effort and pressure. The machine is light in weight, simple to use, and transportable.

INTBUYING pizza dough is lighter in weight, making it easier to use and transport. It weighs 45 pounds per unit. The metal plate thickness on the device is 0.2 inches, and the diameter is 7.8 inches (200 millimetres). This pizza dough is the perfect size for a home kitchen or a family that enjoys tiny pizzas. The machine is well-designed and simple to use.


  • Constructed with automatic rebound
  • Plate that is simple to pull
  • Based on cast iron
  • It’s made of stainless steel


  • Using it is inconvenient
Dough Size 8.7 Inches
Dimensions 21 x 16 x 12.5 inches
Weight 45.7 Pounds

2. DoughXpress DXP-PB-2-8 Par Bake Dough Press

One of the best pizza dough press for home to choose from is the DX-PB-2-8, which requires a 120V electrical connection. If you want to create personal-sized pizza crusts with your pizza dough, this is the product to get. It also aids in the quick preparation of the pizza crust.

DX-PB-2-8 aids with the formation of excellent 20 cm personal-size pizza crusts, particularly when using pizza dough.

Because the DX-PB-2-8 combines two different operations into one machine, you can pre-form beautiful 8-inch pizza crusts while simultaneously partially baking them, saving time. The temperature is set at 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to user reviews, the DX-PB-2-8 has a heated top and lower platen that facilitate dough flow by letting the dough be pressed directly from a cool, refrigerated state, saving you time freezing it. It also takes up less room because its small units fit comfortably on countertops. It has a pleasing appearance due to its white color and powder-coated finish.


  • A dough press that works well
  • Manual Xylan-coated platens that are user-friendly
  • High quality
  • Efficient and Consistent


  • Packaging is inadequate
  • To use it, you’ll need a lot of force
Dough Size 8 Inches
Dimensions 19 x 18.5 x 15 inches
Weight 58 Pounds

3. DoughXpress 68470 TXM-15 Manual Tortilla Dough Press

The DoughXpress TXM–15 Manual Dough Pres is an expensive and manual pizza dough press that is intended for low-to-medium production numbers. It is listed as one of the top-rated and best pizza dough presses on the market today.

This product is a quick, safe, and easy alternative to tossing, sheeting, or rolling pizza dough by hand. The DoughXpress TXM–15 dough press is perfect for baking pizza and tortillas.

DoughXpress TXM–15 Dough Press, unlike dough rollers or sheeters, does not press out air to generate an airy crust like hand-tossing. Aside from that, it does not require energy to work, and it uniformly and reliably presses dough balls to around 60% of their final size.

Aside from that, it does not require energy to work, and it uniformly and reliably presses dough balls to around 60% of their final size. When you use the DoughXpress TXM–15 Manual Dough Press, your dough will be consistently and uniformly pressed. It does not necessitate skilled labour because it always gets the task done correctly.


  • There are two variants to pick from
  • Excellent quality
  • This allows for quick dough ball insertion without the need for experienced personnel


  • Packaging is inadequate
  • The press is overwhelming
  • It is necessary to over-oil the dough in order for it to not stick
Dough Size 15 Inches
Dimensions 33 x 20.5 x 18 inches
Weight 68 Pounds

4. DoughXpress 70735 TXM-20 Manual Tortilla Press

The DoughXpress TXM-20 is a low-cost, manual tortilla dough press that is ideal for low-to medium-volume production. It’s quick, easy, and mess-free, and the 16-inch x 20-inch platen can make six tortillas at once.

The TXM-20 press works well with flour and maize tortillas and flat breads. The TXM-20 has a clamshell design with heated plates on both the top and lower levels.

Dual heated platens include an initial grill off for tortillas (completely grilling on the press is not suggested), speed up production (shorter pressing times), allow for thinner goods to be pressed, and allow dough to be pressed straight from the refrigerator.

The current temperature is displayed on the digital temperature control. Timer with digital display (countdown begins when the handle is lowered and resets when the handle is raised). From paper-thin to 7/8-inch thick, there is an adjustable thickness. The handle is simple to open and close.

The clamshell design makes loading and unloading dough a breeze. Dough balls are flattened into tortillas up to 16 inches in diameter using a heat-indicating LED that turns off when the set temperature is attained. The upper and lower platens are made of aluminum and have an appliance white finish.


  • Every time, the dough is pressed evenly and uniformly
  • It does not necessitate the use of expert labour
  • It works for both flour and corn tortillas and does not require specialised labour


  • Lot of manual force is required to operate
Dough Size 16 Inches
Dimensions 33 x 21 x 18 inches
Weight 98 Pounds

5. StarBlue 10 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

This tortilla press is made of pure cast iron and measures 10 inches wide. It weighs 12.54 pounds and is great for all of your dough pressing needs. It is made of pure cast iron, so it will last a lifetime without needing to be replaced.

You can use our taco press for multiple kitchen applications like making rotis, tacos, tortillas, patacones, tostones, empanadas, arepas, dumplings, mini pie shells, patacon pisao and chapatis etc.

This heavy-duty dough press is great for pressing a variety of doughs with ease and consistency without the need for excessive effort.

This tamale press requires no maintenance and will last a lifetime. It’s seasoned with 100 percent non-GMO flaxseed oil. It’s something you’ll have for the rest of your life if you buy it once.

The tortilla press comes with 100 pieces of complimentary oil paper to help you separate your pressed dough and make cooking easier. Therefore, it is certainly among the best pizza dough press for home to consider.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Stainless use
  • Maintenance free


  • It’s sometimes sturdy
Dough Size 10 Inches
Dimensions 12.6 x 11.42 x 1.97 inches
Weight 11 Pounds

Factors To Consider While Selecting the best Pizza Dough Press For Home

Factors to consider while selecting the best pizza dough press machines

Making your own pizzas and tortillas at home is extremely satisfying, but you’ll need the best pizza dough press to get the best results. With the right kitchen gadget, the process becomes simple.

The following are the factors that you should consider while selecting a pizza dough press machine:

1. Build Quality

It is important to choose a product made of heavy-duty stainless steel. With this build quality, you won’t have to worry about the machine corroding or rusting.

You should also think about using aluminum pizza dough presses. The machine can resist the difficulties of daily use in your kitchen thanks to both materials.

To avoid contaminating your dough with dangerous materials or chemicals, it’s extremely vital to use food-grade components. As previously stated, rust-resistant materials are essential. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a rusted pizza dough press that will require a lot of maintenance.

2. Size

Different varieties of pizza dough presses exist, and they come in a variety of forms and sizes. As a result, make sure you get the proper size for your kitchen as well as the pizza you like.

First, get a pizza dough press that fits in your kitchen. Pizza dough presses are generally small, but they can take up a lot of room in terms of height and width.

You should also think about the size of the press plate. There are smaller presses that can be used to make smaller pizzas if you like to make pizzas for yourself.

3. Usability

If you want to work up an appetite while making pizza dough, stick to the normal method. But if you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re looking for a quick and easy way to press your pizza dough.

As a result, choose a model with a longer handle so you can press the dough with the least amount of effort. To provide easy and safe handling, the handle should also include a non-slip grip.

If you’re going to use one, it’s better to get a dough sheeter that sits in place on the kitchen’s horizontal surface.

4. Automatic or Manual

When it comes to how pizza dough presses work, there are a few things to consider. The main key is to figure out whether to go with automatic or manual.

Automatic dough presses are fantastic since they take care of the majority of the work for you. Simply feed them the dough balls, and they’ll provide you with a predetermined size for the crust you require.

On the other hand, manual presses provide the adaptability that you require. You may control the amount of pressure you apply to generate pizza dough that is the right thickness for you.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance

Dough presses for pizza are huge pieces of equipment that will not fit in your dishwasher. As a result, choosing a system with a long-lasting, non-stick surface makes cleanup a snap. Because of its intelligent design, you can wipe the machine down with a dry, soft cloth without using much energy. Keep in mind that the surface should be sturdy enough to prevent the system from rusting.

Some manufacturers recommend greasing the pizza sheeter to loosen trapped flour and food debris in the bearing. However, any vaseline or grease that has been applied should be wiped away to avoid contaminating the dough.

6. Budget

Although pizza dough presses are not as expensive as other appliances, it is important to consider pricing and budget. That way, you can find the best one for your budget.

Pizza dough presses claim to be the best but are made of inferior materials. It is preferable to have the press constructed using heavy-duty materials.

Also, don’t get carried away with fancy features; a dough press doesn’t require a lot of them. Simply choose one that you believe will last for many years.

Who needs a Pizza Dough Press For Home?

Who needs a Pizza Dough Press For Home?

Do you have a strong urge for pizza? If you do, have you considered baking your own pizza?

Fortunately, if you answered yes, you can own your own pizza dough press, and there are numerous varieties of pizza dough presses that may assist you in making your own wonderful and delicious pizza for personal consumption or business endeavours. Since everyone loves pizza, most of us would like to create our own recipe to suit our personal tastes.

It should be simple to use a dough press. The main idea behind utilising this device is to place a piece of dough on the device’s plates, pull them together, and then you should have a flattened dough. That’s all there is to it. To operate the device, no specific or complicated system is required.


Forget about using a rolling pin to roll out pizza dough. You’ll never have to worry about uneven pizza crusts again if you use the best pizza dough press.

It’s critical to use an equally pressed dough so that every portion of the dough cooks evenly and the crust is perfect. It also helps if you have a pizza dough press with adjustable thickness settings and good features.

For any pizza fan, a pizza dough press machine is a must-have. A pizza dough press is an excellent investment, whether you manage a restaurant or simply enjoy cooking handmade pizzas in your kitchen.

As an added bonus tip, aside from dough press, next step would be baking pizza, I’ll recommend to use a pizza stone instead of pan for perfect crust while baking


Using a pizza dough press is pretty simple. All you have to do is put the dough onto the plates of the pizza dough maker, bring both plates together, and press them. As a result, you will get a flattened dough.

Using a pizza dough press has its benefits; a dough press ensures that your pizza base is consistent and thick, it is of the same size, and the crust is perfect for each pizza. It is all thanks to the pizza dough press mold.

A dough press can affect the dough majorly during the baking process, and the dough press plates help the dough to flatten evenly for the entire pizza and ensures that the dough doesn’t rise during the baking process.

If the pizza dough is left out for too long, the dough’s flavor gets sour and funky after 2 to 3 days. If you wish to preserve the dough for longer, it is best to freeze it.

To keep the pizza dough from proofing, you have to make sure to have the store in the fridge. I will advise you not to leave the dough overnight at room temperature to avoid this situation. Leaving the pizza dough like this overnight will result in dough fermenting.

When you hear the beep sound coming from the bread machine, it is the right time to take the dough out. After that, you can make the pizza immediately or freeze it at your convenience.

In cases where too much flour is added to the pizza dough, and you put too much effort into it, it becomes stiff and hard.

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  1. You didn’t include the Pizzerella machine that is the best for neapolitan pizza. Far superior for proper wood-fired pizzas.

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    Pros: Far above the others in shaping the dough.

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